Powerful Javanese Taweez made from Real Deer Skin featuring Charming and Seduction Spells


This powerful Javanese taweez is made from real deer skin, which features handwritten spells for charming and seduction. By and large, amulets and talismans made from real deer skin are considered to be an extremely effective means for love and attraction purposes. This is especially true when the taweez also has Islamic magical spells on it that are handwritten in saffron ink. Since ancient times saffron ink has been used in Indonesian ritual magic, for indeed, great magical benefits are ascribed to this dark red oil. Hence, the sacred value of pure saffron oil should not to be underestimated.

Powerful Javanese Taweez made from Real Deer Skin

Thus, the dukun used high-quality saffron oil to perform handwritten incantations on the rear face of the taweez. The spell inscriptions were performed whilst the dukun dwelled in a higher state of concentration. When his mind fully absorbed in this mental state of tranquility, he suddenly felt overwhelmed by a strong feeling of rapture. Due to this powerful feeling of love that he experienced in his meditation, he thus spontaneously started chanting very old Javanese mantras.

Powerful Javanese Taweez featuring Charming and Seduction Spells

In this way, then, the Javanese taweez is consecrated through the mystical powers of the deer, which, according to Javanese mythology, is believed to instantly captivate one’s mind. For this reason, the Javanese taweez can be used to arouse someone’s curiosity and excitement, who thereby feels an irresistible longing and desire to be with you. Due to the magical power of fascination, the taweez should ideally be used for the purpose of seduction. As it is an extremely powerful love charm, it is even possible to use this mystical object for stimulation of sexual desire.

Close up of Powerful Javanese Taweez

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