Potent Love Charm made from Genuine Javan Deerskin


Javan deerskin amulets can be considered one of the rarest and most wanted types of Indonesian amulets and talismans. This, of course, is not without a reason, because it is a generally known fact that Javan deerskin amulets possess extremely strong magical powers. Javan deerskin, by its very nature, is believed to carry powerful mystical properties related to love and attraction. Due to the inherent magical qualities Javan deerskin is regarded as a highly sacred material, which therefore lends itself very well to production of a variety of mystical objects.

Potent Love Charm made from Genuine Javan Deerskin

The rare and sacred animal skin was obtained by a Javanese dukun during a solitary retreat in the remote forests in Central Java. Thus, the dukun made several kinds of authentic Indonesian amulets from the Javan deerskin he found in the forest. As part of the ritual consecration of the amulet the dukun also performed hand inscriptions, using pure saffron oil to write various Islamic spells onto the rear face of the amulet. In this way, then, the Javan deerskin amulet is blessed with sacred Arabic formulas for enchanting a lover, or to charm a secret admirer.

Potent Love Charm made from Genuine Javan Deerskin, featuring Attraction Spells written in Red Saffron Ink

Furthermore, the potent love spells of this amulet can be targeted at either gender, making it possible to charm and attract people from the opposite or the same sex. And so, this potent love charm made from genuine Javan deerskin offers the ultimate romantic resolution to improve one’s love life. Indeed, the Javanese amulet alongside its Islamic spells allows one to experience greater intimacy, thereby paving the way for passionate love affairs.

Potent Love Charm from Indonesia

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