Portable Tombak Amulet for Respect, Power and Authority in Leadership


A tombak is a traditional Indonesian weapon resembling a spear. Unlike traditional weaponry in the West, most Indonesian swords, daggers, knives and other thrusting weapons are smaller and have a subtler design. This is because traditional Indonesian weapons were used not only for combat fighting but often also for conducting sacred rituals. Hence, the forging of sacred metals (tosan aji) is inextricably linked with Indonesian mystical tradition.

Portable Tombak Amulet for Respect

In more recent times, however, the ancient forging methods have altered to meet modern standards. Therefore, the overall dimensions of ritual daggers (keris) and spears (tombak) were further reduced to the size of a portable amulet or talisman, thereby allowing the wearer to carry the mystical object in his or her pocket. Due to the discreet pen-like shape of the mini tombak amulet, one can thus avoid attracting any unwanted attention from others, including authorities. For those who like to remain low key in regard to their use of mystical objects, wearing an inconspicuous amulet such as the sacred brazen pen-shaped tombak spear offers the ultimate solution.

Portable Tombak Amulet in the form of a Pen made from Sacred Brass

The portable spear amulet is made from sacred brass, a preferred type of metal for carrying mystical properties. The exterior surface of the metal alloy has been decorated with powerful Islamic incantations aimed at helping the wearer gain respect, power and authority in leadership. It is recommended to anoint the two small blades with magical oil on a regular basis (preferably once a week or once a month), as this enhances the power and effects of the metaphysical energies stored within the amulet.

Portable Tombak Amulet for Respect, Power and Authority in Leadership

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