Phra Ruesi Khao Kulen Loi Ongk Statuette (Bucha Kru Batch) – Luang Por Dam, Wat Mai Naparam


This metal ruesi statuette by Luang Por Dam of Wat Mai Naparam was released in the Bucha Kru batch of the year 2543 BE (2000 CE). The Bucha Kru (Sanskrit: pūjā guru) edition of amulets was made and blessed in honor of Luang Por Dam, the abbot of Wat Mai Naparam. Prior to the production process and consecration ritual of the Bucha Kru batch, Luang Por Dam spent several months in the Phnom Kulen mountain region in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. The Phnom Kulen mountain range has special historical significance to Cambodians, because this is the place where King Jayavarman II (c. 770-835) founded the ancient Khmer Empire (802-1431) to declare independency from the Śailēndra dynasty (c. 750-850) from Java, Indonesia. To this day Phnom Kulen is an important pilgrimage site for the people of Cambodia. Likewise, the holy mountain is considered an auspicious place for Buddhist monks and Brahmin ascetics to practice austerities and renunciation.

Phra Ruesi Khao Kulen Loi Ongk Statuette with original temple box

During his stay in Phnom Kulen, Luang Por Dam dedicated his time to intense meditation practice in the cave (‘khao’) of the sacred mountain. In the dark nights of his solitary retreat, Luang Por Dam was reportedly visited by Ruesi Khao Kulen; i.e., the mystic spirit of the ruesi hermit seer of Phnom Kulen. The mysterious visits between the Buddhist monk and the resident ruesi spirit of the mountain allowed the two to impart their spiritual wisdom for the benefit of many; Luang Por Dam instructed the ruesi in the Buddha’s teachings, whereas Ruesi Khao Kulen shared his profound knowledge on ancient Cambodian sorcery with the Buddhist forest monk. Luang Por Dam instantly recognized that the ruesi’s teachings on traditional Khmer magic had a lot to offer to his lay followers back home in Thailand. After he returned from Cambodia, Luang Por Dam thus decided to create sacred metal loi ongk statuettes for his followers to commemorate Phra Ruesi Khao Kulen.

Phra Ruesi Khao Kulen Roop Image from the Bucha Kru Batch by Luang Por Dam

The loi ongk figurine by Luang Por Dam is consecrated using the powerful magic spells taught by Ruesi Khao Kulen. In addition, sacred minerals from the Mahendraparvata (‘the Great Indra’s Mountain’; i.e., Phnom Kulen) are inserted in the base of the statuette, along with a takrut scroll featuring a special set of magical formulas of Cambodian origin. Furthermore, the amulet comes with the original temple box of Wat Mai Naparam, thereby accentuating the guarantee of authenticity.

Ruesi Khao Kulen Loi Ongk with Sacred minerals and takrut inserted in the base of the statuette

Thus, the loi ongk amulet can be used for bucha purposes; i.e., to pay reverence to the ruesi spirit and to ask the hermit sage for sufficient blessings to see one’s wishes fulfilled. In order to invoke the spirit of Ruesi Khao Kulen, one has to chant the following ghātā:

strong>Indra Lapang Maha Indra Lapang,

Deva Lapang Maha Deva Lapang,

Ruesi Lapang Maha Ruesi Lapang,

Sappa Silang Bhavantume.

Phra Ruesi Khao Kulen amulet made and blessed by Luang Por Dam of Wat Mai Naparam

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