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Petunjuk Praktis Merawat Keris

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Title: Petunjuk Praktis Merawat Keris

Author: Bambang Harsrinuksmo

Publisher: Pusat Keris Jakarta, 1986

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Pages: 56

Petunjuk Praktis Merawat Keris

Petunjuk Praktis Merawat Keris‘ by Bambang Harsrinuksmo is a practical guide which explains how to look after your keris. For instance, the book contains clear instructions on how and when to perform certain chores so as to ensure that your keris will stay in good condition. In this respect, it is important to be neither negligent nor to be too caring in regard to the cleaning of the keris. We must always consider the quality and nature of the materials of the keris; in this way, then, we will be able to know how and when is the right time to treat the keris.

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