Peruvian Precious Fire Opal Gemstone in Silver Ring


Along with white and black opals, fire opal belongs to the precious opals category. Unlike common opals, their precious counterparts are rarer and have a higher value. The most significant fire opal deposits in the world lie in Mexico. Hence this particular gemstone is often also referred to as Mexican fire opal. But the precious stone (Sanskrit: upala, from which the word ‘opal’ is derived) is also mined in Latin America, such as in countries like Peru and Brazil. Indeed, shamans in Central and South America have been using these vivacious colored stones for centuries in their ceremonial magic rituals.

Orange Fire Opal in Silver Ring

In the metaphysical world, fire opal is a highly preferred mineraloid. It is believed that Peruvian opal possesses strong elemental energies, especially in regard to the powerful forces of the fire element. This means that the material energy within this gem can be considered “hot” chi (Pīnyīn: qi) energy. Its inherent energy flow is conducive to spiritual practice (e.g., meditation, chanting) as well as healing and wellness (yoga, reiki, acupuncture). Owing to the heat of the fire element, this type of opal is also known to intensify one’s emotions and sensual desires, making it the ideal mystical stone for sexual rites tantric sex and kama sutra (Sanskrit: kāmasūtra) rituals.

Orange Fire Opal Gemstone from Peru

Not only does this gemstone stimulate spiritual and sexual passion, it also induces spontaneous behavior and amplifies optimism in general. Wearing this silver ring with the cabochon cut opal stone will attract good luck through increased optimism and confidence. Therefore, one’s professional endeavors will run smoothly and successfully due to the power of enhanced charisma. Furthermore, opal is the birthstone for people born in October under the astrological signs of Scorpio and Libra. And on top of that, the ring protects the wearer from danger, prevents illnesses, and avoids negative feelings and pessimistic ideas.

Peruvian Orange Fire Opal Gem in Silver Ring

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