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Pamor dan Landasan Spiritual: Senjata Pusaka Bugis

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Title: Pamor dan Landasan Spiritual: Senjata Pusaka Bugis

 Author: Ahmad Ubbe, Andi M. Irvan Zulfikar and Dray Vibrianto Senewe; Editor: Jimmy S. Harianto

Publisher: Jakarta: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2011

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Pages: 366

ISBN: 9789792277296

 Pamor dan Landasan Spiritual: Senjata Pusaka Bugis

This book tells about the traditional heirloom (‘pusaka‘) weapons and kerises of the Bugis-Makassar society. Indeed, the traditional weapons discussed in this book still seem to  have a strong connection with its social environment. Though the contemporary Bugis society underwent a range of political transformations, yet the local cultural heritage has been preserved very well. The Buginese keris has a long history which goes back to the Bugis rulers from the past. Also, the significant aesthics of the Buginese kerises and other pusaka clearly reveal their ancient Malay origin. Needless to say, ‘Pamor dan Landasan Spiritual: Senjata Pusaka Bugis‘ is an extraordinary book which discusses the unique history and cultural aspects of the Bugis pusaka in great detail, supplemented by beautiful pictures.

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