Pair of Mystical Mustika Pearls that Stabilizes the Aura, Enhances Intuition and Promotes Peace of Mind


Pearls have been highly valued as gemstones for many centuries. In general, mustika pearls are considered to be of the finest quality. However, these natural pearls are one of the rarest of all, for they occur spontaneously in the wild. Yet it is even rarer still to find gem-quality pearls in pairs. This most valuable pair of mustikas, consisting of a black and a white pearl, was found in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Mustika Pearls

Mustikas are believed to be the physical manifestation of metaphysical energies; i.e., yin and yang (Pīnyīn: yīnyáng). The black pearl possesses masculine (yang) energy while the white pearl has feminine (yin) energy. Also, the male mustika is larger and heavier than its female counterpart. Thus, together the black and white mustika form a mystical union between man and woman. The pearls’ opposite energies (e.g. male and female, dark and light, hot and cold, day and night, sun and moon, heaven and earth, soft and hard, dry and wet, passive and active, slow and fast) are, in fact, complementary forces that support each other mutually, both in the metaphysical world and the natural world.

Pair of Mystical Mustika Pearls

Hence each of the two pearls are said to have magical qualities that stabilizes one’s aura, thereby enhancing one’s intuition and promoting peace of mind. Also, the harmony between the two contrasting energies of yin and yang within the pearls creates a general sense of well-being in regard to one’s own spiritual balance. Indeed, both of these mystical mustikas can be used for the purpose of spiritual and physical healing and wellness. Furthermore, the inherent mystical properties also make them powerful love and attraction amulets, as well as excellent talismans for good luck and success in general

Male and Female Mustika Stones

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