Original Keris Sajen Sepuh from the Legendary Majapahit Era


A classic and original keris from the heydays of the legendary Javanese Majapahit empire. The characteristic model of this ancient keris is called ‘dapur Sajen’. Foreign research studies on this type of keris often use the general term ‘keris Majapahit’ for this kind of dapur. Yet one must take notice, that this term is rather inaccurate to describe the various shapes and sizes a keris Sajen can have. But for the sake of convenience, the name ‘keris Majapahit’, in fact, still occurs among European keris collectors who may use this particular term to refer to a specific kind of keris which is made during the tangguh Majapahit era (13th–15th century).

The blade of this keris Sajen has all the authenticity marks you may expect from an antique pusaka heirloom keris. It shows obvious signs of a centuries long aging process, and yet it is still in excellent condition after all these years. When looking at the iron used for the forging of the blade, its extraordinary quality and refined detail is evident, and speaks for itself.

This old and sacred keris Sajen comes with a warangka sheath, which is hand carved from teakwood. It is shaped in the model of a warangka Sandang Walikat, thereby making this precious pusaka item complete, and ready to use as a powerful tool for performing rituals and ceremonies.

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