Orange Agate Mustika Gemstone Imbued with Mystical Powers for Protection, Good Luck and Good Fortune


In Indonesia, the orange colored variant of agate is highly praised for its mystical powers. Indonesians value this particular mustika gemstone for its effective healing properties as well as a traditional talisman for protection against various sorts of danger. It is a favorite tool of the indigenous dukuns who often use agate mustikas for alternative healing practices and ceremonial rituals.

Orange Agate Mustika

Agate has an extremely solid structure, making it one of the hardest mineral substances to be found on this planet. Its molecular structure is remarkably well resistant to external environmental factors. The natural substance is therefore believed to contain certain mystic powers which are derived directly from nature itself.

Mustika Gemstone

This orange agate gemstone is classed as a mystical mustika gem, due to the fact that the mineral stone is inhabited by a khodam spirit. When properly cared for, the khodam spirit of the orange agate mustika gemstone will watch over the owner and his or her personal belongings. In this way, the khodam spirits stands guard to prevent the owner from falling victim to situations of bad luck and even black magic.

Agate Mustika Amulet

In addition, the mustika is ritually consecrated by a Javanese dukun, who thereby has imbued the orange agate gemstone with magical properties to attract wealth and prosperity into the life of the owner. The strong combination of ritual blessings performed by the dukun and the inherent mystical powers of the khodam spirit makes the orange agate mustika gemstone a powerful Indonesian talisman for protection as well as good luck and good fortune.

Agate Gemstone Talisman

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