Old Indonesian Grimoire of Esoteric Magic with Handwritten Incantations for Financial Success and Sexual Fulfillment


This old Indonesian grimoire is believed to have supernatural properties intrinsically due to the sacred content. It is an ancient book of esoteric magic used by shamans in various places throughout the Indonesian archipelago. There are 84 pages in total with handwritten magical spells for various purposes, varying from general protection against black magic to financial success and sexual fulfillment.

Old Indonesian Grimoire

The occult grimoire has a dark cover without any imagery depicted on it. This is because the magic power is imbued within the sacred booklet itself, and therefore not visible from the outside. Metaphorically speaking, this avoids any confusion that may arise as a result of people judging a book by its cover. Though the book may be quite ordinary-looking regarding the dull cover it has, yet there is an invaluable treasure of metaphysical knowledge hidden inside.

Old Indonesian Grimoire of Esoteric Magic

Practitioners of magic (e.g. occultists, mystics, magicians, sorcerers, shamans, etc.) all know the importance of proper guidance in regard to the performance of rituals and other esoteric forms of worship. However, due to a serious lack of spiritual teachers in contemporary society, a suitable alternative is thus desired. Hence, this old Indonesian grimoire can be used as a valid substitute, thereby allowing the practitioner to develop his or her magical skills and supernatural abilities through the power of the featured incantations in order to fulfill long-held hopes, dreams and desires.

Old Indonesian Grimoire of Esoteric Magic with Islamic Spells

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