Occultic Sunda Jasper Ring to Reduce Risks and Optimize Opportunities in Entrepreneurial Efforts


The Sundanese dukuns in West Java are highly skilled practitioners of indigenous Indonesian occultism. As royal descendants of the ancient Sunda (and later Galuh) Kingdom (669–1579 CE) they managed to preserve many of the local customs and traditions as part of the cultural and spiritual heritage of their ancestors to this day. Hence, traditional amulets and talismans coming from this region, including this particular jasper gemstone, are held in high esteem with special regard to their magical quality.

Authentic Sundanese Jasper Stone Amulet

The neatly polished gem is cut into a cabochon, so that the dome-shaped rock fits the talismanic ring perfectly. Due to the jasper stone being magically charged with occultic Sunda Wiwitan spells, entrepreneurs wearing this mystical item will be able to reduce financial risks and optimize business opportunities. Consequently, the blessed ring makes it possible for one’s company to grow exponentially, whilst the owner could also become potentially thriving in various other areas involving some risk-taking and speculation (e.g., trading at the stock market, gambling at the casino).

Natural Indonesian Jasper Jewel

Mantra for Occultic Sunda Jasper Ring

Islinglang Islangling

Mangelang Hérang

Hah Berhara Ku

Aya Bumi Langit

Hanteu Aya Istan-Istan


This ancient Sundanese mantra can be chanted for as many times as one wants, ideally before putting the ring on, though it is also possible to chant it only when the powers of the amulet are needed.

Real Jasper Amulet set in a Powerful Mystical Ring
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