Occult Vial Talisman to Prevent Any Situation of Bad Luck to Befall on the Owner


The occultic vial featuring Islamic spells and symbols on the outside and taweez on the inside is one of the latest additions by the reputable Banten masters of traditional Indonesian sorcery. Two different versions were released in this particular edition, namely a pink and a yellow model. However, apart from the color difference both models are identical in regard to its mystical properties. Each bottle is supplemented with pieces of paper containing powerful incantations written in Arabic script.

Occult Vial

The two iconic swords of Islam depicted on the label of the bottle represent a characteristic symbol of protection from danger and evil. In this way, the vial can help the owner to stay safe when s/he is facing a (potentially life) threatening situation. Whether placed at home, in one’s car, or at the office, the magical quality of the amulet will prevent any bad luck to befall the owner. As a result, harmony and peace will prevail, thereby enabling the causal factors of future luck and fortune.

Occult Bottle with Magic Spells

Just like so many other high-quality amulets and talismans by the Banten mystics this particular occult item owes its power to the way in which it has been consecrated; i.e. through the use of sacred invocations to call upon spirits (e.g. jinn, khodam, dhemit) in order to assist the sorcerer in the ritual empowerment of the mystical object. Hence the small bottle talisman is believed to be inhabited by a spiritual entity that listens to one’s needs and wishes so that s/he will be rightly guided and protected in his or her pursuit of happiness in this world and beyond.

Occultic Vial Amulet with Islamic Taweez Inside

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