Occult Parchment Taweez featuring Islamic Spells written in Arabic with the Archaic Syriac Script


In the old days Malay Muslims made their pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia by boat, traveling from Indonesia to Malaysia, onwards to Bangladesh, from there to Southeast India, and then finally from Sri Lanka to Aden in Yemen. Pilgrims along this route often carried a talisman with them to ensure a safe journey. The ancient Syriac script has been found on many of these Islamic talismans from the Middle East, while at the same time occult incantations of this particular kind were also employed by Indonesian mystics in the past.

Parchment written in Arabic with the Archaic Syriac Script

However, nowadays the new generation of dukuns seems to have studied only a very limited portion (if any at all) of the original Assyrian grimoires which was known to their spiritual ancestors. This has lead to a gradual decline in the availability of such mystical objects in Indonesia, though occasionally one might be lucky to find an authentic item of this kind. The magical spells featured on this amulet are written (by hand) on a piece of genuine Javan deerskin. The parchment still has some of the deer’s hair attached to it, while the other side is fully covered in Arabic calligraphy with the Syriac script.

Deer Skin Amulet with Ancient Assyrian Spells

This sacred taweez reveals the rich heritage of the Indonesian mystical tradition. Moreover, it shows that it is a living tradition, too. Indeed, there are still some very erudite masters alive today, practising the ancient forms of magic in rural Java and elsewhere. For this reason alone the blessed item can be considered a real treasure in regard to its authenticity and effectiveness. The parchment is believed to be a powerful source of esoteric energy which yields blessings to help avoid inauspicious circumstances, whilst also allowing the owner to receive mercy and favorable treatment from others.

Javanese Deerskin Talisman with Islamic Occult Incantations in Syriac Arabic Script

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