Occult Genie Bottle Amulet empowered with Islamic Incantations to Convert Misfortune into Great Opportunities


Many people trying to improve their luck in multiple areas of life have come to rely upon the amulets and talismans of masters of Indonesian ritual magic and occult. In particular, people tend to have a special preference for mystical objects made and blessed by the great sorcerers from Banten Province in West Java, Indonesia. Javanese dukuns are famous for the psychic powers they possess and utilize for the purpose of amulet production and consecration. Thus, this occult bottle has been empowered with Islamic incantations to convert massive misfortune into huge opportunity.

Occult Bottle with Paper Spells

The magical spells written on the outside of the bottle are meant to avoid bad luck and mishaps. Practically any unfortunate events or conditions can be successfully reversed through the mystical power of these incantations. Furthermore, there is also a paper taweez to be found inside the amulet itself. The taweez contains various magic formulas of Indonesian Islamic mystical tradition, which were recited by the master himself during the empowerment ritual. By the extraordinary power of Arabic invocations the dukun conjured up a powerful jinn. Next, the invoked spirit was spellbound to the amulet, thereby essentially turning it into a “genie in a bottle”.

Magic Spells inside Occult Bottle Amulet

The incorporeal entity that was summoned by the magician of Banten is said to be a guardian spirit, watching over the owner and his or her family to make sure everything is ok. Hence the occult talisman is designed to offer safety, especially when one fears a possible unpleasant or dangerous occurence. However, there is more to be gained from this authentic Indonesian talisman than just mere protection and security; indeed, the inhabiting spirit also helps creating great opportunities for future luck and fortune. Therefore, one can place the bottle in one’s home (for protection) or in one’s workplace (for good luck), or even carry it in one’s pocket or bag (for both purposes while on the go).

Indonesian Occult Talisman for Protection

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