Occult Concoction to develop Personal Skills for Leadership and Professional Excellence


Indonesian occult is internationally known for its unabating magical prowess. Occultic amulets and talismans from Indonesia are praised for the potent mystical properties they have been endowed with, sustaining their original intensity and maintaining maximum power over a long period of time. Due to the inherent equipotency, mystical items such as this potion are capable of producing the intended results. However, only foremost occultists and adept magicians, who have mastered sufficient supernatural powers and abilities, are allowed to perform the ancient rites regarding the consecration of such a potent potion. Thus through performing lengthy series of incantations the master was able to empower the concoction successfully, so that it truly has a striking effect in regard to the development of one’s personal skills for leadership and professional excellence.

Magical Business Concoction

Since the ritual empowerment prevents the magical quality from becoming weaker in efficacy, the sacred incantations that are imbued within the oil thus continuously stimulate personal growth and professional progress. Hence the occult concoction is ideal for developing one’s ethics, integrity and reputation. Indeed, the entire content of the flask is enriched with magical formulas of success, offering business benefits for young professionals as well as for senior managers. Owing to the extra items – magical bamboo grass and paper spells – in the contents of the flask, the potion also serves as an attraction charm to help improve one’s interpersonal relationships. Consequently, this sacred liquid substance contributes to the development and maintenance of trust and positive feelings among the people in one’s own company or in the organization one works for.

Magical Concoction for Flourishing Business

To enjoy the blessings of increased wealth and fortune that this amulet has to offer, one has to sprinkle a few drops of the oil in the workplace. Doing this will bring a steady flow of new clients and customers to your business. Likewise artists, dancers, singers, musicians and other performers in the entertainment business can use the oil to impress their audience time and time again. Before entering the stage one should anoint a little bit of the oil on the eyebrows. If one wants to attract many returning visitors in the hope to grow a massive fanbase of loyal supporters and admirers, then it is advised to mix some of the oil in a bowl filled with purified water and fragrant flowers (preferably white jasmine). Then, at midnight, after having performed ablution first, one takes the bowl of water mixed with the magical oil and fresh flowers, and starts washing one’s body from head to toe.

Talismanic Concoction with Magical Bamboo Grass

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