Occult Bottle containing Magical Scrolls with Sacred Spells to Repel Evil and Induce Good Luck


Indonesian occult bottles can be considered a multifunctional talisman. This is first and foremost due to the magical scrolls contained within the occult bottle. Indeed, not one but two magical scrolls are inserted in a single occult bottle. Each of the magical scrolls serves its own particular purpose: one is consecrated with magical powers which are aimed at protection from danger, whereas the other is empowered to attract blessings of good luck.

Occult bottle containing magical scrolls

Thus, the occult bottle is ritually consecrated through the use of various sacred Islamic spells intended to achieve the desired effects; i.e. to ward off evil and to cast away situations of bad luck. As such, the occult bottle comes in quite handy for those who fear that some kind of misfortune is about to befall them. For instance, when one suspects that someone is planning evil against you, the occult bottle will ensure that such a person’s evil efforts shall be in vain. Indeed, neither evil people nor malevolent spirits are capable of doing any harm to the owner of the occult bottle.

Occult bottle containing two magical scrolls

It is a common practice among Indonesians to place an occult bottle containing mystical items in each corner of the house, or one’s office, shop, etc. Alternatively, it can be buried in each corner of the garden or land. This is believed to keep ill-willed people, dangerous animals, and evil spirits away. Furthermore, by placing an occult bottle in each corner of one’s house, garden, land or place of work, this will attract from the four cardinal points of the universe numerous blessings of good luck and good fortune.

Occult bottle box set

Hence, the occult bottle with magical scrolls is also available as a complete box set of four. In this way, then, one can thus fully protect oneself from all sorts of danger, while at the same time inducing auspicious blessings onto oneself and the other members of the household. However, this is not to say that a single occult bottle would not prove sufficient to bring the same results as a set of four bottles. On the contrary, each occult bottle has been properly blessed according authentic Indonesian mystical tradition, which means that each of these mystical items contains equal magical power.

Occult bottle box set

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