Necromantic Amulet made from a Dried Camel’s Heart Empowered with Black Magic Spells to Either Conquer or Crush Someone’s Heart


As in many cultures around the world, necromancy is a taboo in Indonesia. However, the dark arts are still actively pracitised by sorcerers and shamans in many Indonesian cultures. But due to the social stigma of magicians the production and consecration of hardcore black magic and animist charms went underground, making any necromantic amulet or talisman an extreme rarity in and of itself. Also, since there is often a very limited availability in regard to the required ingredients and materials, only very few amulets of this kind are made and released. Thus, only two pieces have been made of this particular amulet, and considering the fact that each consists of a whole camel’s heart makes it is highly unlikely that there will ever be made another batch in the future.

Necromantic Amulet made from a Dried Camel's Heart

The camel’s heart was obtained by a Javanese dukun (shaman) during his pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. Both camels died a natural death prior to the arrival of the Indonesian master in the ‘Land of the Two Holy Mosques’ (i.e. Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām in the city of Mecca, and Al-Masjid al-Nabawī in Medina, Saudi Arabia). Shortly before his journey to Saudi Arabia, the dukun is said to have been visited by the animal spirits in his dreams. In this miraculous event, the two camels praised the coming of this powerful mystic to their country. Hence both animals surrendered their hearts to the master as an act of devotion. Later the Indonesian magician met a local medicine man during his pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia who then offered him a special gift wrapped in a piece of white sacred cloth. After he got back from Saudi Arabia, the dukun found two dried camel hearts inside the mysterious package he received from the Arabian medicine man; and thus the extraordinary dream turned into reality.

Necromantic Amulet of a Most Auspicious She-Camel's Heart

That night the sorcerer had remarkable visions of the two animal spirits in his meditation. He then decided to make a most powerful amulet from the physical remains, using necromantic magic to summon these two animal spirits again in order to bind them to the dried camel hearts. Therefore, two separate consecration rituals have been performed to empower each amulet individually. Due to the immense power of the necromantic spells by which it is blessed, this animist amulet can be considered one of the strongest and most effective of its kind. As such, it can be used to conquer the heart of the person of your dreams, as this amulet can enhance your attraction and thus improve your love life drastically. However, a black magic amulet like this also has the ability to crush the heart of your adversary or foe, thereby paving the way to success and great fortune. This magical quality can further be used to rid oneself of rivals, competitors and opposers, especially in regard to court cases and other legal issues, including but not limited to business matters and personal disputes.

Necromantic Amulet of Indonesian Origin

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