Natural Nephrite Pendant for an Increase in Windfall Profits, Likeability, Attractiveness, and Fearlessness


Jade consists of two distinct minerals, namely jadeite and nephrite. Nephrite has a slightly lower hardness (6.0–6.5 Mohs) than jadeite (6.5–7.0 Mohs), and compared to jade it also has a lower level of translucence. Therefore, due to the stone’s opaque nature, it is most suitably cut in a cabochon. The gemstone has been polished in the traditional pear or teardrop shape, which allows it to be worn as a pendant.

Nephrite Stone Pendant

By wearing it as a pendant on a chain, the mystical stone touches the skin, thereby empowering the wearer with its magical blessings. In other cases, when the necklace is worn not under but over the shirt, one can still touch the amulet directly with one’s hands in order to tap into its metaphysical energy. This can be especially useful for praying; i.e., clasping the stone in between both hands to say a prayer or to make a wish.

Magic Nephrite Talisman Hanger

In alternative healing methods using crystals, nephrite is used as a efficacious remedy for kidney problems such as kidney stones. Indeed, the name nephrite translates into ‘kidney’ in English. On an emotional level, however, this particular gem is believed to cure heartaches. Furthermore, the magical qualities of nephrite include an increase of windfall profits, likeability, attractiveness, and fearlessness.

Mystical Nephrite Gemstone for Women

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