Mythical Naga Serpent Deity Amulet to bring Prosperous Circumstances


Traditional Hindu-Buddhist mythology tells us about a mythical creature commonly known as the nāga (Sanskrit). The nāga is a benevolent serpent deity as mentioned in various ancient scriptures, like the great Hindu epic Mahābhārata, as well as in sacred Buddhist texts such as the Lotus Sūtra and the Vinayasūtra. Both in Hindu and Buddhist tradition, nāgas are considered the guardian spirit of treasures. Indeed, the nāga is the protector of the greatest treasure of all, namely the tirta amṛta, i.e. the elixir of immortality.

Indonesian Mythical Naga Serpent Deity Amulet

According to traditional Javanese mythology, the entire universe was created by a primordial nāga serpent known as Anantaboga (or Antaboga for short). Followers of the Javanese animist belief system, therefore, regard the mythical nāga creatures as a very powerful nature spirit, which also can be worshipped for protection against evil demons and vengeful ghosts. To this day Indonesians commonly believe that the mythical serpent deities dwell in remote places beneath the earth’s surface and in open waters (e.g. oceans, rivers, lakes, swamps, etc.), and can be summoned by dukuns, monks, priests and other spiritual masters.

Mythical Naga Serpent Deity Amulet made from Sacred Iron

And so, this authentic Indonesian amulet is made by a Javanese dukun who performed magical incantations to summon the Anantaboga nāga deity. During the consecration ritual the dukun empowered the iron amulet with additional mystical properties aimed at prosperity. Hence, it is said that the nāga spirit will bring the owner of this amulet numerous blessings by creating prosperous circumstances. This means that the amulet can help the owner accumulate wealth and treasured possessions.

Indonesian Naga Amulet

One can carry the amulet in one’s pocket, wallet, a bag, etc.; or simply place it on one’s altar at home, or store it in a particular place in one’s office, for example.

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