Mystical Ring made from Sacred Brass Engraved with Arabic Incantations for Preferential Treatment


Made from sacred brass, the Indonesian talismanic ring is engraved with Arabic formulas on the exterior surface. The Arabic formulas are visible both on the outside as well as on the inside of the ring. This, of course, allows the Islamic spells to be in direct contact with the skin when wearing the ring. In this way, the mystical energies imbued within the ring can be directly transmitted onto the person who wears the sacred talisman. Furthermore, the size of the ring is adjustable, which means that it fits all ring sizes. Also, the strong magical powers of the talisman do not necessarily require that it is worn as a ring; indeed, it can also be placed in one’s place of business (e.g. office, store, etc.), or, for example, stored in a pocket.

Mystical Ring with Arabic Incantations

Metals are considered an excellent material for mystical objects in general, for it has the natural quality to attract and absorb magic power. For this reason, the ring is made from ancient brass which was stored in a local mosque in Banten Province. Beside the auspicious blessings generated by communal prayers at the mosque, the Indonesian talismanic ring also received an additional empowerment to enhance the power of its mystical properties. This was done through performance of several sacred mantras, which, thereby increased the effects of kindness and compassion. And so, the sacred ring is consecrated to increase the owner’s level of charisma, so that s/he will enjoy the benefits of preferential treatment.

Mystical Ring featuring Arabic Incantations

This means, that the owner of the ring will have a successful social life with many friends. Indeed, good-hearted people are drawn towards the person who wears this talismanic ring, and they will be ready to serve you. Also, in case one faces a dangerous situation, help and support is always available nearby. The ring, therefore, can be used to increase one’s influential speech, meaning that one’s words will sound more convincing and thus persuade customers or clients to sell one’s goods or close an important deal. Furthermore, one’s peers as well as one’s seniors will have genuine respect for you.

Mystical Ring made from Sacred Brass

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