Mystical Muslim Prayer Plaque made from Sacred Brass


The mystical Muslim prayer plaque is an Indonesian Islamic amulet specially designed for the mystically inclined to help enhance the power of prayer. Whether one is performing the ritualistic prayers (Arabic: ṣalāt), doing supplications (Arabic: du’ā), or reading holy verses from the Qur’ān, this amulet serves as an additional means to increase one’s mindfulness and boost the power of recollection (Arabic: dhīkr). Thus, when proper dhīkr is performed, this will activate the metaphysical power of the Islamic spells embossed on the amulet.

Mystical Muslim Prayer Plaque Amulet

The prayer plaque is made from brazen artifacts of a local mosque on the outskirts of Yogyakarta in Central Java. It is therefore considered a sacred material due to the mystical origins of the metal alloy used for the making of this amulet. Furthermore, metal in general, but brass in particular can be effectively empowered with mystical properties. This is because spiritual vibrations resonate very well with the mystical energy of ritual prayer and magic incantation.

Mystical Muslim Prayer Plaque

An image of the holy Qur’ān along with Arabic calligraphy is depicted on the front face of the amulet. The rear face of the amulet, then, also features Islamic spells of Solomonic magic embossed on the exterior surface. Since both sides are covered with powerful formulas used in Indonesian Islamic tradition, it allows the blessings imbued within the sacred brazen plaque to flow through to one’s hands whilst kept in prayer position. In addition, the amulet can be used as a bookmark for the Qur’ān as this is believed to absorb the numerous blessings contained within the sacred scripture of Islam.

Mystical Muslim Prayer Plaque made from Sacred Brass

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