Mystical Muslim Cloth featuring Effective Love Spells


An authentic mystical cloth made by a traditional Indonesian Muslim master from Yogyakarta in Central Java. The mystical talisman is made from a piece of white unhemmed cloth (‘ihram’) worn by the Muslim master on his pilgrimage to the city of Mecca. His performance of the hajj (pilgrimage) gave rise to a profound happiness in his heart. Thus, recognizing the mystical power of the divine blessings of love and compassion, the Islamic master decided to use the cloth for making a special talisman featuring powerful love spells.

Mystical Muslim Cloth

The mystical Muslim cloth is a powerful love charm combined with magic spells for attraction of the opposite sex. For this reason, flirting becomes easy as the magic powers of the white cloth will help to attract attention from members of the opposite sex. Hence, one will not find much difficulties in finding a partner. Alternatively, if one already has a partner, the cloth can also be used to strengthen the couple’s bond. In addition, the mystical properties of the white cloth will help to generate loving kindness and compassion. And thus, the owner of the cloth will always meet with good-hearted people, regardless where s/he may travel to. In the same way, the owner will be admired and treated with respect by others in one’s social and professional environment.

Mystical Muslim Cloth with Love Spells

One can fold up the cloth and put it one’s pocket, bag, wallet, etc. Due to the relatively large measurements of the cloth (22.5 x 8.7 x 0.1 cm), it is also possible to wrap it up and wear the cloth in a talismanic waist belt. In case one rather wishes to keep the talisman at home than wearing it with you, then one can also hang it above the main entrance of the house or above the door to the bedroom. This, of course, serves to attract auspicious blessings of love into one’s household, or more specifically, into one’s bedroom.

Mystical Muslim Cloth featuring Effective Love Spells

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