Mystical Khodam Spirit Oil


The oil contained in the small bottle is extracted from a traditional mixture of sacred flowers, plants and herbs. The dukun who made the oil initially prepared the sacred potion for ritual use. However, after having successfully completed all the necessary rites to empower the oil with mystical properties, the dukun started to get unusually vivid dreams in which he was visited by a mysterious female khodam spirit. The mild scent of fragrant flowers is believed to please spirits and gods, which is why Indonesians often prepare flower offerings for the spiritual beings who reside in the celestial realms of existence.

Mystical Spirit Oil

Though in this case the fragrant flowers were not prepared as ritual offerings for the spirits, but rather did the dukun intend to make a mystical potion for one of his followers. Yet mysteriously enough, the strong magical power of the oil somehow drew the attention of a mystical khodam spirit. Thus, the khodam spirit approached the dukun whilst he was asleep in order to be able to communicate with the dukun‘s subconscious mind. And so, when the dukun started to perceive these vivid mental images in his dreams, it turned out to be the mystical appearance of spirit of a beautiful young woman who had died a violent death.

Mystical Spirit Oil bottle with sacred gemstone

Apparently the gruesome circumstances under which the woman had died caused her spirit to get hopelessly confused and overthrown by feelings of grief and sorrow. As a result, she got trapped in an intermediate realm of existence, where she was doomed to roam as a wandering spirit. Needless to say, the khodam spirit desperately desired a better future rebirth, i.e. to be reborn as a human being. Hence, the mystical female khodam spirit turned to the dukun for help, because through the dukun‘s supernatural abilities a unique opportunity for direct communication with this female spirit was made possible.

Mystical Spirit Oil - close up

Next, the dukun performed magic incantations to invite the khodam spirit to reside in the mystical oil. In this way, by helping the owner of the oil to attain his or her wishes, the female spirit will be able to accumulate wholesome karma through performing good deeds. When having acquired sufficient merit and virtue, the khodam spirit will thus be granted a better future rebirth. The mystical female khodam spirit, therefore, is prepared to do whatever it takes to serve its master (the owner of the sacred potion). Hence, the mystical spirit oil is considered an extremely powerful attraction charm, which is imbued with strong magical powers that make it a genuine love potion.

Mystical Khodam Spirit Oil

– Note: this item requires daily offerings; ritual worship instructions will be provided upon purchase of this item.

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