Mystical Iron Earthworm Amulet to expand Livelihood Opportunities


It is a well-known fact that earthworms play a major role in environmental care of the earth’s surface, since their activities have major benefits which help improve soil fertility. This is first and foremost due to the earthworms mixing the earth’s soil with a high concentration of minerals and organic nutrients. Thus, many ancient animist cultures and traditions recognize the general importance of the earthworm in regard to maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature. Therefore it is perhaps not so surprising that we find various kinds of traditional Indonesian weapons (e.g. keris, tombak, etc.) featuring a distinctive model that represents an earthworm in one way or another.

Mystical Iron Earthworm Amulet

Indeed, we can clearly see that the mystical iron earthworm amulet is inspired by the traditional design of a tombak spear. Just like the tombak, this animist amulet is made from iron, which generally is considered the most preferred material for making this type of amulet. Beside iron the amulet is forged from ancient metal artifacts, also known as ‘sacred metals’ or tosan aji in Indonesia. Hence, this modern Indonesian amulet is made according the ancient method using traditional materials, which resulted in a very distinct kind of mystical object.

Mystical Indonesian Earthworm Amulet

The iron amulet is endowed with the inherent qualities of the earthworm, meaning that the amulet is consecrated with sufficient magical power to improve one’s financial situation by expanding his or her livelihood opportunities. In this way, the mystical iron earthworm amulet will open the door to future possibilities, thereby always finding a way to create more options for a brighter future. For this reason, then, this type of amulet is particularly useful for people who are looking for a job, or seeking a quick way to obtain promotion, salary increase, or a special bonus. One can carry the amulet in one’s pocket, wallet, a bag, etc.; or simply place it on one’s altar at home, or store it in a particular place in one’s office, for example.

Indonesian Animist Earthworm Amulet

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