Mystical Black Oil for Personal and Professional Success


Mystical black oil is made according ancient formulas of traditional Indonesian shamanism. The oil is extracted from various kinds of sacred ingredients, such as resin of a holy tree in which a khodam spirit resides, natural herbs, flowers, and pollens. The dense mixture of mystical oil thus has a dark black color.

Indonesian Black Mystical Oil

The black oil contains mystical powers for charm and attraction. Indeed, these powers can be used very well as an enchantment spell to attract the opposite sex. Its magic aspects help to enhance one’s charisma, which benefits both one’s personal and professional relationships. As a result of anointing oneself with the mystical black oil, one’s public appearance will improve significantly. This, of course, is of particular benefit to those being a sales representative, a host, a motivational speaker, a coach, etc. Moreover, the mystical black oil imbues one’s personal aura with a highly effective charm, one thus leaves an unforgettable first impression on others.

Black Mystical Oil

However, the mystical black oil serves other purposes, too. It is especially useful for ritual cleansing of pusaka heirloom kerises. By anointing the sacred metal blade with a few drops of this mystical black oil, this will appease the khodam spirit which resides within the pusaka item. Likewise, anointing the blade with this oil helps to increase the magical effects of a keris which esoteric powers are aimed at improvement of one’s social status and becoming successful in business.

Black Mystical Oil from Indonesia

Also, the mystical powers inherent to this black oil consolidate relationships between friends and trusted partners, including lovers and married couples. In this way, the mystical black oil will bring peace and harmony to one’s family and household. When a person anoints a small amount of oil onto his or her forehead before leaving the house, then s/he will meet with success and good luck throughout the day.

Close up of bottle with black mystical oil

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