Mystic Spirit Cloth depicting the Indonesian National Hero Sultan Hasanuddin amidst Islamic Spells to induce Magical Qualities of Authority and Evasion of Danger


The mystic spirit cloth is a sacred cloth commemorating the Indonesian national hero Sultan Hasanuddin (1631–1670 CE), ruler of the Gowa Kingdom in the Makassar region of southwestern Sulawesi. Sultan Hasanuddin is considered a national hero in Indonesia due to the heroic battle he fought against the Dutch East India Company. In 1660, Gowa was the only large sultanate in East Indonesia which had not yet been colonized by the Dutch. The Dutch East India aspired a monopoly of the lucrative spice trade in the region, but they soon faced the large and professional army of Sultan Hasanuddin, attacking the Dutch with violence.

Mystic Spirit Cloth depicting Sultan Hasanuddin

In the center of the mystic spirit cloth there is the image of Sultan Hasanuddin’s face amidst various kinds of Islamic spells, inducing the magical qualities of authority, leadership and commanding power. Then there is also the image of a leaping tiger depicted below the sultan’s face. Here too sacred spells in Arabic are written around the image. The tiger image, along with the magical spells, provides blessings of protection from danger which serve to prevent violent attacks and fights. This makes the cloth ideal for pencak silat fighters, body guards, security guards, police officers and those who serve in the military forces. Indeed, the mystic spirit cloth uses a most powerful combination of Islamic magical spells to evade danger and to ward off attacks.

Mystic Spirit Cloth with Magical Tiger Spell

In addition, the mystical properties of the sacred cloth can help increase one’s stamina, as well as enhancing one’s charisma and professional performance. Hence, this amulet is imbued with esoteric powers to improve one’s social life through establishing and maintaining good relationships with family members, friends and acquaintances. However, these powers can also be used to establish a productive working relationship with new clients and customers. Ultimately, the mystic spirit cloth will help you gain respect from your employer and colleagues or subordinates, and to become a successful leader in your own right.

Mystic Spirit Cloth with Image of Indonesian National Hero

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