Mysterious Black Goat Amulet for Protection and Prosperity


This authentic Indonesian amulet is made by a traditional Javanese dukun from Yogyakarta in Central Java. On a given day, when the dukun was wandering through the dense forest, he found a carcass of a wild goat. The dukun instantly sensed that the animal’s spirit was still roaming around the dead body. As he thus recognized the mystical presence of the animal, he wanted to dedicate merit to this powerful animal spirit. As an act of compassion, he then performed ritual prayers for the spirit of the dead animal, and asked for its permission to take some of its skin.

Mysterious Black Goat Amulet

Next, the dukun chanted various magic spells to consecrate the animal’s skin. Also, he wrote several magic formulas on the inside of the animal’s skin. And in order to enhance the mystical power of the amulet, the dukun added some magic herbs to it, after which he sealed the amulet. This, of course, ensures that the mystical properties of the amulet retain their power.

Mysterious Black Goat Talisman

Mystical objects made from animal skin are believed to have magic powers of protection and evasion of danger. Moreover, due to the additional empowerment by a real dukun, magical items of this kind are considered extremely powerful. In addition, the mysterious black goat amulet is endowed with blessings to ward off attacks from evil spirits and harmful ghosts, to avoid inauspicious circumstances as well as to prevent misfortune.

Mysterious Black Goat Fur Amulet

Besides being a powerful source of protection, the amulet also serves to induce mercy and helps generate loving kindness towards others. When used properly by an honest owner with good-hearted intentions, the mysterious black goat amulet can even increase one’s wealth and prosperity.

Mysterious Black Goat Skin Amulet

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