Money-making Pocket Taweez for Prosperity and Fulfillment


In many ways, Islamic mysticism and Indonesian occultism seem to go hand in hand regarding the ancient practice of ritual magic. True masters of the occult are upholding the authentic mystical tradition in Indonesia today, using their profound spiritual knowledge and practical skills to make and consecrate powerful amulets and talismans, or taweez as they often are called by mystics and spiritual practitioners alike. In this respect, Indonesian mystical objects have gained international recognition for their magic power, particularly those made and blessed by the hands of the great masters from Banten Province in West Java.

Money-making Pocket Taweez

Thus, the money-making pocket taweez can be considered a timeless masterpiece of Indonesian Islamic magic. The amulet contains secret inserts wrapped in sacred cloth featuring magic spells written in the Arabic script. After the consecration ritual was completed, the taweez was then sealed in plastic to enhance durability. This serves to prevent damage to the exterior surface of the amulet when it is worn in one’s pocket, bag, purse or wallet. However, the plastic seal can also be removed, if desired.

Money-making Pocket Taweez in Green and Yellow Color

The taweez has been made in four different color combinations, namely: (1) black and yellow; (2) white and red; (3) green and yellow; and (4) red and yellow. In spite of the color combinations, there is, however, no difference regarding the mystical properties. Indeed, the magical effects of the amulet can turn the odds in your favor, thereby bringing you financial good luck. Hence, this sacred taweez can be used for boosting one’s income, financial investment success, as well as for growing a successful business. Likewise, the magic qualities imbued within the amulet will benefit gamblers, too.

Money-making Pocket Taweez in Red Color Combination

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