Mini Qur’ān with Unobtrusive Cover made from Genuine Goatskin endowed with Divine Blessings


The first mini versions of the Noble Qur’ān were allegedly printed in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, in the late nineteenth century during the decline of the Ottoman Empire. This period of history was marked by socio-political instability, which concurred with the replacement of religious law with secular law. Hence, small and unobtrusive editions of the holy book of Islam were introduced so that devout Muslims could continue their religious practice regardless. Due to the practical benefits of keeping a mini Qur’ān, this local custom soon spread to other parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Mini Quran with Sacred Goatskin Cover

In Indonesia, however, holy scriptures in the form of portable booklets reportedly have been used by great mystics of the past, such as the Wali Songo – a collective name for the nine Islamic saints who spread the teachings of Islam across the island of Java during the fifteenth century. This suggests that miniature versions of sacred textbooks already existed in Indonesia long before the first mini Qur’ān was ever printed in Istanbul. Therefore, the authenticity of Indonesian Islamic mystical tradition was already firmly established around the fifteenth century and remains undisputed to this day.

Mini Quran with Consecrated Cover made from Goatskin

A piece of genuine goatskin has been used for the cover of the holy booklet. The sacred animal’s skin has been endowed with innumerable blessings of all kinds through recitation of Quranic verses. Thus, it is said that whoever keeps this precious item and recites the holy chapters in praise of God, shall be protected from evil, and s/he will be granted divine blessings love, luck, fate and good fortune. However, only sincere prayers will be answered, just like only humble wishes shall be fulfilled. Indeed, proper ethical values and good moral principles form the key to success when using this Indonesian amulet.

Mini Quran with Consecrated Goatskin Cover

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