Military Protection Locket for People who serve in the Army, Navy, or Air Force


An original Indonesian taweez specially designed for soldiers, marines and airmen. The locket is made and blessed by the legendary Banten mystics. With this rare and unique talisman, the Islamic masters of Banten succeeded in making a very special kind of taweez by which they can offer military protection to those who serve in the army. Thus, the mystical properties of the locket will guarantee safety and security in situations of danger, like military operations, fighting missions, etc.

Military Protection Locket

The front face of the locket features various kinds of military vehicles, which indicate its intended purpose of serving the armed forces. This also means, that the taweez is useful not only to people in the army, for it can be used by people in the police corps and SWAT team as well. Likewise, undercover cops and secret agents can benefit from this particular talisman, too.

Military Protection Taweez

To enhance the quality and effect of the military protection locket, several different types of sacred spells in ancient Arabic are added on both the front and rear face of the taweez. For the rest there are various kinds of sacred elements inserted to the locket, which are sealed with tiny metal pins for durability. A metal loop has been added so that one can wear the talisman on a necklace. Alternatively, the metal loop allows one to hang the taweez in a particular place or on a specific spot where where one could use its magical power of protection.

Military Protection Locket for Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen

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