Metaphysical Protection Locket to avoid Violent Incidents and avert Dangerous Situations


Through the course of time, the metaphysical world of Nusantara has become widely known for the various authentic occult traditions which have been practised in the Indonesian archipelago since time immemorial. Some of today’s practitioners of Indonesian mystical knowledge are very popular, most notably the Islamic mystics from Banten Province in West Java. The great Muslim masters of Banten are held in high esteem not only because of their strict adherence to spiritual practice, but also because of their large array of amulets and talismans.

Front Face of Metaphysical Protection Locket

Indeed, mystical objects made and blessed by such highly regarded masters are considered a manifestation of certain metaphysical energies that the maker transmitted onto the amulet. In doing so, the maker consecrates the amulet with profound mystical properties. This particular amulet, then, underwent a traditional consecration ritual through which it is empowered with metaphysical qualities of protection. The metaphysical protection locket, therefore, is especially designed to keep one safe from all sorts of danger, including both natural (e.g. environmental causes, medical reasons, etc.) as well as supernatural powers (e.g. black magic, evil spirits, etc.).

Rear Face of Metaphysical Protection Locket

Should you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous situation, one should recite the following mantra seven times repeatedly: Allaahummasturnaa Wa Man Ma’anaa Mimmaa Nakhaafu Ya Sattaaru. This mantra can also be chanted to avoid violent incidents and avert dangerous circumstances in general. Furthermore, it is recommended for Muslims to recite the aforementioned mantra directly after each of the five obligatory prayers. Non-Muslims, however, are advised to chant the ritual prayer (seven times) at least twice a day; i.e. (1) in the morning before getting up, and (2) in the evening before going to bed.

Close up of Metaphysical Protection Locket

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