Metaphysical Bottle Amulet with Occult Spells and Sacred Sand Grains to appease Local Spirits


The metaphysical bottle amulet comes from a Javanese sacred place called Parangkusumo, situated on the south coast of Central Java. The southern Java coast carries significant folklore, such as the myths surrounding Nyai Roro Kidul – the Spirit Queen of the South Sea (i.e., the Indian Ocean). In traditional Indonesian folk mythology, this female tutelary deity appears in a variety of forms (e.g. mermaid goddess, mythical nāga snake spirit). She is the patron of Javanese sultans and aristocrats.

Occult Bottle with Holy Sand Grains

The mysterious beach of Parangkusumo is said to be part of the spiritual realm of the Southern Sea, inhabited by nature spirits and demons. Before the sand grains could be obtained from this holy site the dukun had to pacify the local spirits first. Thus a ritual was performed to formally request their permission. After the master appeased them by specially prepared offerings, they agreed to participate in the consecration of the amulet, thereby endowing it with metaphysical energy.

Occult Amulet with Islamic Spells

Inside the bottle there also is a piece of green (a color favored by Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul – another name for the Spirit Queen) paper with powerful Islamic magic incantations on it. The paper containing the spells was then rolled up and stuffed into the bottle to make sure that the local spirits cannot go against the owner. Consequently, one will be able to request and receive their help whenever needed. So, not only does this amulet offer protection from danger and demons, its mystical properties also serve to improve one’s luck, fate, and fortune.

Occultic Taweez from Indonesia

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