Metal Scroll inscribed with 108 Yantra for Good Luck and Protection


This is a metal scroll (called ‘takrut‘ in Thailand) that contains a sacred design of 108 yantra (called ‘yant‘ in Thailand). The metal scroll is inscribed by the venerable Buddhist monk Luang Por Win from Malaysia. In Hindu-Buddhist philosophy, the number 108 stands for infinity; hence, ‘108 Yantra‘ means a most auspicious number of yantras, which can bestow upon the wearer good luck and protection.


Biography of Luang Por Win

Phra Khru Phawanaphijut, or better known as Luang Por Win, was (and still is) a well respected ajahn (teacher) in Malaysia, famous for his loving kindness (metta) and compassion (karuna) towards all sentient beings.

Luang Por Win

Luang Por Win originally comes the small village Kampung Titi Atar in Pendang, Kedah. He used to practice tudong (forest wandering) as a forest monk. Later, he would undergo formal ordination as a Buddhist monk at Wat Thep Suwannaram in Kampung Wat Padang Peliang, Pendang Kedah.

Soon after his ordination Luang Por Win would travel to Wat Mahatat in Thailand, where he met Somdej Asaphat who instructed Luang Por Win in both samadhi meditation (samatha bhavana) and vipassana meditation (vipassana bhavana). When Luang Por Win went back to Malaysia he was appointed as abbot of Wat Bodhi Charian Tham. He decided to permanently reside in this temple, and thus he remained in the temple for 36 years. During his time at Wat Bodhi Charian Tham Luang Por Win kept close ties with the laity, to whom he would often gave Dhamma talks.

When Luang Por Win became seriously ill due to his old age, he resolved to transcend his physical sufferings through intense practice of samadhi meditation. It is this kind of meditation which he emphasized in order for his followers to feel at ease in their mind and become successful in life.

Eventually, Luang Por Win passed away at the age of 96 years old. Even today Luang Por Win is still renown for his selfless efforts in regard to his teachings in the Dhamma.

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