Malayan Porcupine’s Quill for Protection Against Black Magic


Wild Malayan Porcupines live in the dense forests of Kalimantan in Indonesia. Its quills, or spines, play a major role in animist beliefs in Indonesia. Porcupine quills are used as a talisman to ward off dangers, and as protection against black magic.

Malayan Porcupine's Quill

Malayan porcupine quills are often also used to perform exorcisms with, for the quills are believed to possess the ability to drive out evil ghosts and malevolent spirits that invade the human body. In case of a spirit possession, the porcupine quill has to be pinned onto the palm of the hand of the possessed person. It is said, that this urges the evil spirit to leave the body instantly.

Porcupine's spine from Indonesia

Besides being a powerful talisman for protection, the Malayan porcupine quills are also a very good medicine against cold and fever, and an effective treatment of various ailments, such as rheumatism and arthritis. To use the quills as an alternative medicine, one should burn a half of the quill until it turns to ashes. Next, the ashes can be rubbed onto the skin nearest the place where the pain is felt the most.

Indonesian Porcupine Quill for Protection

Porcupines are amazing animals indeed. With their quills these animals are themselves well protected against predators. The razor sharp quills form an ideal armor, though the porcupine uses its spines as a lethal weapon, too. This why in ancient times, Indonesians often gave to their friends and relatives porcupine quills to offer them thereby maximum protection from all sorts of danger.

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