Mahākaccāyana Thera Statue with Gold Leaf and Yellow Copper Yantra Plate


This statue is made and consecrated by the Buddhist monk Luang Por Nam Fon. Luang Por Nam Fon is a disciple of the late Luang Por Poon of Wat Pai Lom, Thailand. Basicially, any amulet or statue coming from Wat Pai Lom can be considered a Buddhist favorite, authentically sacred and of reputable status, as well as almost always being a beautiful piece of Buddhist art, which is pure Buddhānussāṭi (recollection of the Lord Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha).


This beautiful statue of Mahākaccāyana Thera – the Buddha of Happiness and Wealth – is made from resin and attributed with gold leaf foil, and a yellow copper plate (inserted in the base) on which a magical yantra is inscribed. Also, the official serial number and the name of temple are engraved on the base of the statue. Hence, this statue is a worthy item to grace the altar of anyone’s home. Also, if offered as a gift to the Buddhist monastic community (the Sangha), it would be accepted proudly. Moreover, in that case, it is quite likely to be placed on view in any Buddhist temple.

Phra Sangkajjai


Nāmo Tassa Bhagavāto Arahato Sammāsambuddhassa (3x)

Kaccāyana Mahāthero Sabba Santa Bhāvati To

Sabba Veramaṭi Kanto

Sabbata Samaṇa Sampanno

Sīti Buddho Sada Vibhāva

Hitāya Dhana Sukhaṁ Hotu Tassa

Mahākaccāyana Mahātherassa

Sabba Ca Mahālābho Ca

Upano Hotu Sabba Ta


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