Naturally Magnetic Balinese Badar Besi Stone with Golden Hue revealing Its Potent Energetic Properties


Badar besi is a natural metallic rock with inherent metaphysical power. Rare amulets of this kind can be found only in certain caves that are deemed to be holy as a result of several saintly figures having stayed there in the past to perform their spiritual practice, like meditation. This naturally magnetic stone comes from such a sacred site in the mountains near Kintamani in the northeastern part of Bali, Indonesia. Though badar besi in itself is already quite rare, yet it is even rarer to find the real exquisite ones which either have a silver or golden hue.

Golden Badar Besi Stone Talisman

The composite rock at hand is a rich blend of minerals such as hematite, magnetite, and pyrite. The aforementioned valuable ores in this badar besi absorbed potent energetic properties that have been circulating in the air in the mystical cave, thereby infusing the talisman with extremely powerful anti-black magic and protective qualities, while an additional empowerment was performed to boost the owner’s luck, fate, and fortune. For the rest, its esoteric powers serve as a practical aid in helping one acquire spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

Balinese Badar Besi Rock

Optional Mantra for Naturally Magnetic Balinese Badar Besi Stone

A-la Ya’lamu Man Khalaq

Wa Huwal-Latif Ul-Khabir (21x)


“Vision perceives Him not, but He perceives all vision;

And He is the Subtle, the Acquainted” (Qur’ān 6:103).

Magnetic Indonesian Badar Besi Amulet

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