Magically Blessed Agate Gemstone bringing Emotional Stability


The layered stone is a naturally banded form of chalcedony known as agate. Its unique layers are formed by quartz, giving the gemstone a special look. Because it is placed in a simple talismanic ring, one’s attention is immediately drawn to the gem itself. Indeed, agate amulets have the magical power to catch the eyes of the beholder, allowing for persuasive yet convincing communication. Thus, wearing this talisman is most helpful when negotiating business deals or discussing other financial plans or ideas.

Banded Agate Amulet

However, there are other mystical qualities included within this Indonesian stone as well, such as its ability to harmonize the wearer’s energy levels in order to optimize his or her mental and physical health and performance. As a result, the ring also helps to reduce stress, as this piece of blessed agate restores and maintains one’s emotional stability. Hence the ritually empowered gemstone possesses multiple powers that aim for one’s spiritual well-being, too.

Indonesian Agate Ring

Mantra for Magically Blessed Agate Gemstone

Kun Aning Kun

Sela Aji Mustikaning Cipta

Kun Dumadining Kun

Batu Aji Mustikaning Rasa

Ingsun Niatke Ananing Guna … (make a wish)

Berkah Kersaning Gusti.

Magical Agate Talisman Ring

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