Magical White Jasper Ring Talisman to Banish Nightmares and Other Sources of Fear


The spotted stone is an opaque quartz called “jasper”. Jasper has a speckled pattern, which is formed by volcanic ash. Among the many types of jasper found in the world, the pictorial variety is undoubtedly the most preferred. Indonesian picture jaspers are known not only for their beauty, but also for their potent magical power. Upon closer examination of the remarkable pattern, there appears to be an image on the stone’s polished surface, in this case the face of a person.

Indonesian Jasper Gemstone

At first sight the featured image may seem rather vague as it blends so well with the soft color of the gem itself. However, a mysterious ghostlike image of a person’s face can be spotted in the center left of the gemstone (see picture below). This apparition is believed to be the manifestation of a khodam spirit. Due to the benevolent character of the inhabiting spirit, the ring has the ability to banish nightmares and other sources of fear.

Oval Jasper Gem in Cabochon Cut

Jasper has been used since time immemorial, linking the sacred stone to many legends and beliefs. Its primary function, however, is that of an amulet, embodying the natural force of the Earth element. Generally, people who are born in March will be able to unlock the mystical stone’s full potential quicker than most people, as jasper is the traditional birthstone for that particular month.

Magical White Jasper Ring Talisman

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