Magical Sharksucker Love Amulet – Quintessential Indonesian Animist Attraction Charm


The magical sharksucker love amulet is, by and large, the most quintessential Indonesian animist attraction charm. This rare and unusual type of amulet is made from the sucking disc of a slender sharksucker (Echeneis naucrates), a highly unusual fin situated on the top of the head of a tropical deep sea fish. With this sucker-like organ, the sharksucker can create suction and take hold against the skin of various larger sea animals, such as sharks, whales, rays, but also to the legs of scuba divers. However, the slender sharksucker can even attach itself to ships, which, in some cases, can even cause the ship to sink due to the damage done by the fish’s sucking disc.

Magical Sharksucker Love Amulet

Due to its extraordinary features, Indonesians generally believe that the Remora – another name for the sharksucker – possesses supernatural abilities. According to ancient Indonesian animist beliefs, it is said that the sucking disc of the remora fish has inherent magical qualities of attraction and enchantment. Hence, the magical fish’s sucker-like organ is commonly used as a traditional love and attraction charm in Indonesia. The amulet is usually kept in one’s pocket, bag or purse, where it is kept along with a picture of the person whom you wish to attract or enchant. Alternatively, the amulet can be used for the purpose of general attraction as well as flirting with random people. This type of amulet is for both men and women, and works the same for hetero-, homo-, bi- and transsexuals.

Magical Indonesian Sharksucker Love Amulet

If, for example, one is looking for a suitable love partner in life, this amulet can help you find the perfect match of your dreams. Furthermore, the mystical properties of this amulet, can also be used to restore a broken marriage or love relationship, allowing the separated couple to reunite again. It should be noted, however, that a powerful amulet of this kind should be used with caution, because it can make the targeted person become so strongly attached to you, that s/he will experience extreme grief when you break the love spell. Thus, moral responsibility is required when using the magical sharksucker amulet.

Indonesian Animist Love Charm

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