Magical Mini Golok Dagger Amulet made and blessed using Traditional Methods from Banten Province


The golok is a traditional dagger from Banten Province in West Java, Indonesia. In the past, however, the golok also used to be fairly popular among people living in Jakarta and the Sundanese region of West Java. From there, this traditional weapon was spread even further to other countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and the Philippines. Unfortunately, due to societal changes in more recent times, the traditional custom of wearing golok daggers discontinued in modern society. Yet in spite of this, there are still a few adept masters who produce goloks on a small scale in Banten Province today.

Mini Golok Dagger

Due to a number of violent incidents in the past, the initial function of the golok has been altered from a fighting weapon to that of a mystical object. In this sense, has come to serve mainly as an amulet. Thus, the mini golok dagger amulet serves as a practical means for ritual magic rather than a thrusting weapon for combat. For this reason, then, magical spells are embossed on both sides of the blade as well on the sheath of the mini dagger, thereby empowering the amulet with Islamic magic. As such, the amulet possesses anti-black magic qualities to evict evil spirits and demons through performance of exorcist rituals.

Mini Golok Dagger from Banten Province

Furthermore, the inextricable link between the golok and their original wearers – the notorious Banten jawara thugs – forms the basic foundation for mystical properties of mercy and justice, which effectively stops and prevents people from hassling or harassing you. Moreover, amulets and talismans made and blessed according ancient mystical tradition of Banten are well known to bestow gambler’s luck and fortune. Also, this sacred metal talisman can be considered a traditional heirloom, allowing the rich material cultural heritage of Banten Province to be preserved for future generations. Hence, over time, a unique amulet of this kind shall increase in price and value.

Mini Golok Dagger Amulet

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