Magical Gecko Money Charm inlaid with Clear Quartz Crystal Gemstones for Successful Business, Gambling and Lottery Ventures


In Indonesian culture geckos are being associated with good luck and fortune. The distinct sound made by the Asian house gecko (Latin: Hemidactylus frenatus) is considered to be auspicious, too. It is believed, that, when there is a cicak (the Indonesian name for this particular type of lizard) in one’s residence, then this is an indicator of prosperous times ahead. Though they can lose their tail when alarmed, yet a new tail will grow back in due time. Therefore, geckos are able to survive and thrive in the most difficult situations.

Gecko Amulet Scroll

Just like the gecko’s natural ability to recover a serious setback, real gecko amulets are said to have the supernatural power to bring the wearer inexhaustible wealth and success. And so, the gecko has been made into a magical money charm, thereby allowing one to live an abundant life. In addition, the talismanic scroll is inlaid with clear quartz crystal gemstones. These small gems act as a catalyst for metaphysical energies that were generated during the empowerment of the amulet.

Talismanic Gecko Scroll

Yet to enhance its magical potency even further, the master also performed hand inscriptions on the rear side of the amulet. The featured cryptic writings carry a powerful Islamic spell aimed at increasing one’s money and riches through successful business, gambling and lottery ventures. Furthermore, a special tubular casing is available for encasement (optional), which enhances wearing comfort and protects the talisman from damage.

Gecko Amulet inlaid with Clear Quartz Crystal Gemstones

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