Magical Compassion Ring Talisman to fill People with Benevolence toward the Wearer


Indonesian magic rings made from sacred metals are powerful talismans in the sense that its inherent blessings can be directly transmitted to the skin of the person wearing it. Furthermore, it is considered to be relatively easy for a skilled magician or occultist (dukun) to confer his or her magical qualities onto a metal object compared to mystical items that are made from other materials (e.g. fabric, liquid). This is primarily due to the favorable alchemical reaction which occurs when such type of amulet is being charged with metaphysical energies.

Magical compassion ring talisman

There are several (Eastern) Arabic numerals inscribed on the bezel of the ring, namely: (from right to left, horizontal) 2 (٢), 9 (٩), 4 (٤); 7 (٧), 5 (٥), 3 (٣); 6 (٦), 1 (١), 8 (٨). Together these digits form a mystical diagram; i.e., a 3 x 3 magic square array of numbers, each appearing in such a way that the three numbers in each row, in each column and in each of the two diagonals, all have the same sum. This ancient magic square of order three (3×3) contains the true secret of psychic power; it is believed that one who possesses this ring can make miracles happen in this world and beyond. Thus, the ring is worn to display the occult mathematical formula on the bezel on the upper side of the wearer’s finger. Also, the size of the ring (2 centimeters in diameter) is adjustable, which means it can be made to fit anyone’s fingers.

Magical Ring to fill People with Benevolence

Through the magical power of the ring, the wearer will be able to induce compassion in others. Subsequent exposure to the ring talisman can influence people in such a way that they will be filled with benevolence toward the wearer. Due to the compassion that arises from coming into direct contact with such powerful spells, the targeted person soon begins to feel a strong desire to do good to you. One hereby can take advantage of the situation since others will feel an inclination to be kind to the owner of the ring. This allows one to use the ring for gaining success in commercial endeavors, as well as for personal interest or advantage, especially in regard to protection from danger.

Ring Talisman made from Sacred Metal to induce Compassion

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