Magical Badar Besi Iron Ore to Develop Psychic Powers and to Repel Malevolent Supernatural Creatures


Metals were prized by Indonesian ancestors for their magical properties as well as their practical use, just like mustika gemstones. To this day badar besi is considered to be a sacred iron ore that yields great benefits for one’s general well-being, health, and spiritual practice. The grounding properties of iron combined with the occult qualities of mustika stones make this a most powerful amulet in its own right. Indonesian alchemists often use badar besi as a material component in magic spells to augment their effects. Indeed, badar besi is a merger of magic and alchemy in the broadest sense of the word.

Badar Besi Stone

Due to its dynamic material properties, the cold iron object serves as a spiritual gateway of interaction between the physical environment and various metaphysical states. Owing to the stone’s supra-mundane qualities, the owner is able to transcend the worldly ups and downs and open oneself to higher reality. Thus, when combined with meditation practice,badar besi can also help the practitioner develop psychic powers to communicate with celestial beings (e.g. angels, devas, khodam spirits). This supernatural ability allows one to invoke several angelic entities as well as deities, thereby using the mystical stone to ask for their help and assistance in regard to one’s personal problems, health issues, unfulfilled wishes and desires, etc.

Badar Besi Stone Amulet

Also, the inherent mystical properties of badar besi provide protection caused by black magic. Otherworldly creatures such as jinn, demons, and spirits of the dead are unable to haunt a person who possesses a powerful amulet of this kind. Hence, this alchemical substance is endowed with esoteric powers to repel evil spirits, ghosts and other supernatural malevolent creatures. As such, the magical badar besi iron ore can be used for removal of black magic from the victim’s life, whilst simultaneously improving the person’s fate and bringing him or her good luck. It is further believed that this iron amulet offers physical protection (e.g. invulnerability and invincibility) for the purpose of self-defense in regard to civilian and military law enforcement.

Mystical Badar Besi Stone Amulet

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