Magical Attraction Oil with Blessed Bamboo Grass and Paper Love Spells


In Indonesia, there grows a special type of bamboo grass which is internationally accredited for its inherent magical qualities. The potential power of its magical properties is also clearly evident in the Latin name Bambusa magica. Authentic amulets and talismans containing magical bamboo grass are known to arouse immense longing for passionate love, as this sacred ingredient brings up a strong feeling of desire or craving for sensual pleasure and lust. Hence, the branches of this particular kind of bamboo form the main ingredient of many traditional Indonesian love potions and attraction charms.

Magical Attraction Oil with Blessed Bamboo Grass

The bamboo grass has been ritually blessed and then immersed in essential saffron flower oil. Both in the Middle East as well as in Southeast Asia, saffron is considered sacred in regard to the flower’s mystical properties. Thus combining two of the most powerful ingredients in a single amulet has turned this into the ultimate magical attraction oil. In addition, paper love spells with occult incantations have been added to the mystical potion in order to stir up great excitement in others. Likewise, the amulet carries metaphysical blessings that can be used to incite sexual fantasies in the mind of the targeted person. Indeed, since the oil has been endowed with the miraculous ability to enchant a person’s mind, this can cause him or her to become completely obsessed with you. When this happens, s/he falls deeply in love with the person who cast the spell on him or her.

Magical Attraction Oil Bottle with Sacred Spells Inside

It should be noted, however, that dealing with extremely strong magic of this kind is not without risk. One must be fully prepared to make the other person happy at all times and not merely acting out of pure selfishness. Failing to do so may have grave consequences. As a result of the enchantment, the target person cannot stop thinking of you; the targeted person will be literally stuck with you in his or her mind. Therefore, if this powerful potion is used by an irresponsible person, it can easily lead to insanity, until the point where the enchanted person may even commit suicide. Hence, this magical attraction oil should be anointed or rubbed on someone’s skin only when you are absolutely sure that s/he is the one for you and that you have what it takes to make him or her happy.

Magical Bulu Perindu Attraction Oil

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