Magic Wallet of Fortune to attract Windfall Luck and Riches


The authentic Indonesian Islamic mystical tradition practiced by the Banten masters uses various occult incantations which include (amongst others) a set of powerful magic spells to gain wealth and accumulate riches. Those seeking to become rich fast therefore often consult the dukuns of Banten for help and advice regarding the quickest way to get their wishes fulfilled. Indeed, this inherent magical power is part and parcel of the lockets and similar mystical objects made and consecrated by these renown masters. Thus, the magic wallet is blessed according the proper consecration method of traditional Indonesian ritual magic, thereby bestowing upon the owner innumerable blessings of wealth and fortune.

Magic Wallet of Fortune

In general, the amulet serves as a practical means to improve one’s luck, fate and fortune. However, the magical effects brought forth by the Islamic spells are deemed to be especially powerful when used for the purpose of business and commerce, as well as gambling and lottery winning. And so, the magic wallet is considered the most auspicious place to keep one’s money, pay checks, lottery tickets, etc. If God is willing, the consecrated wallet shall attract divine blessings of windfall luck, paving the way to prosperity.

Wallet of Fortune with Islamic Spells

Due to its moderate size (8 x 6.9 x 1 cm) the amulet is very convenient for everyday wear. Just like an ordinary wallet, the amulet can be kept in one’s pocket, bag or purse. This allows one to bring the magic wallet of fortune along when going to visit a casino, for example. It is, however, not strictly necessary to wear the wallet with you, for it is also possible to just keep the amulet in a special place at home or office. Whether one decides to actually wear the wallet or to store it in a particular place, the wealth boosting effects will ultimately remain the same in regard to the power of the mystical properties imbued within the amulet.

Magical Wallet of Fortune

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