Magic Wallet inducing the Wealth and Fortune of King David, the Righteous Ruler


A very rare and exclusive talisman made by the great Islamic mystics from Banten Province in West Java, Indonesia. The magic wallet is perhaps the most auspicious place to store your money. In fact, anything can be kept in the wallet, not just money. Indeed, the magic wallet is the ideal place for keeping one’s amulets and talismans. By placing one’s mystical objects inside one of the pockets of the wallet they can absorb the magic power contained within the sacred spells by which the wallet is blessed.

Magic Wallet Inducing the Holy Characteristics of King David

The exterior surface on both the in- and outside of the wallet features a beautiful combination of ancient Arabic lettering with various kinds of Islamic geometrical patterns and symbols. Due to its classical model and its convenient size, the wallet easily fits in the pocket of one’s jacket or trousers. This allows one to bring the magic wallet along wherever one goes. For this reason, the wallet comes in very handy for those who need to travel a lot and spend most of their time away from home.

Magic Wallet Blessed by the Renown Banten Masters of West Java

In addition, the wallet comes with two different kinds of magical spells, each written on a separate piece of paper. It is recommended to keep these additional spells inside the wallet, preferably mixed together with paper bank notes. Hence, it is believed that these sacred spells hold special powers which can multiply the amount of money which is kept in the wallet. However, it is also possible to remove the additional spells from the wallet, and instead place the two paper sheets in one’s place of business (office, store, etc.); this is said to accumulate wealth and prosperity.

Magic Wallet with additional Sacred Spells

Since the Banten masters consecrated the magic wallet by invoking the spirit of King David, the talisman is endowed with the holy characteristics of this righteous ruler. God bestowed great fortune upon King David, who thereby received the worldly blessings of wealth and success. Through the power of King David’s spirit, the Banten masters empowered the magic wallet with divine blessings which serve to bring the owner good luck and fortune.

Close up of Magic Wallet

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