Magic Scroll with Sacred Spell Inserts in Saffron Oil to Maintain Personal Safety


The exterior surface of magic scroll features various kinds of Islamic spells which are depicted on a gold-colored foil. Inside the magic scroll there is a small bottle of pure saffron oil. The bottle of high-quality saffron oil contains additional inserts, namely sacred spells written on two different sheets of paper. After the application of the magical spells, the two pieces of paper are folded together and inserted into the saffron oil. This, of course, allows the mystical properties of the sacred spells to fuse with the inherent qualities of the magical oil.

Magic Scroll to Maintain Safety

Thus, this authentic Islamic amulet is made and blessed according proper tradition of Indonesian mysticism. The amulet is produced and consecrated by none other than the great Islamic mystics of Banten. Throughout the years, mystical objects made and released by the Banten mystics gained mass popularity among the masses, both on national as well as international scale. Obviously, this could not have happened if their amulets and talismans did not hold any magical power. For indeed, time and time again success stories have appeared in the media of people using the amulets and talismans made by the masters of Banten Province in West Java.

Magic Scroll with Sacred Inserts in Saffron Oil

As to its potential power and effect, this magic scroll certainly forms no exception to the general rule that applies to the rest of the sacred items belonging to the mystical works of the Banten mystics. This particular amulet is blessed in a consecration ritual performed by the masters themselves, thereby giving the talisman an individual empowerment. And so, the magic scroll is endowed with blessings for protection, safety and security. Therefore, the amulet is especially useful to those who travel a lot. Using this talisman is like taking precautions against and reducing traffic accidents, as well as protecting one’s personal safety. Thus, dangerous situations can be avoided by placing the talisman inside one’s vehicle, or simply by carrying it along whilst traveling.

Close up of Magic Scroll with Sacred Inserts in Saffron Oil to Maintain Safety

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