Magic Scroll blessed through Ritual Invocation of the 99 Most Beautiful Names of God


A most auspicious amulet invoking the ninety-nine Names of Allāh (Arabic: ‘asmā’ Āllah al-ḥusnā). Each of the 99 Divine Names are written on a separate paper sheet. Next, the paper sheets are rolled up and wrapped together in the shape of a traditional Indonesian magic scroll. In this compact size and form, the amulet thus is blessed with powerful Islamic incantations which serve as a ritual means for glorification of Allāh. Indeed, recitation of the ninety-nine Holy Names is considered a very effective way to call upon God.

Magic Scroll with 99 Names of Allah

Often mystics and spiritual practitioners like to chant the Divine Epithets as part of their spiritual devotion. Hence, devotional prayer plays an important role in Indonesian mystical tradition (Kebatinan) and Islamic mysticism (Ṣūfīsm) in general. This particular form of ritual worship, or dhikr Allāh, allows one to constantly practice recollection of God. In this way, then, the magic scroll serves as a strong reminder that helps one to remember, to be aware and mindful of God in every single activity performed throughout the day.

Magic Scroll blessed through Ritual Invocation of the 99 Names of Allah

Ultimately, a genuine Islamic amulet or talisman of this kind is held in high esteem among Indonesian Muslims. This is of course due to the fact that the amulet is made and blessed using nothing but the power of pure white magic of authentic Indonesian Islamic tradition. Thus, the magic scroll featuring the ninety-nine most beautiful Names (Arabic: al-‘asmā’ al-ḥusnā) can be used for a range of different purposes, depending on the individual’s needs and personal preferences. To view the complete list of the 99 names of God as found in the Qur’ān, please click here.

Close up of Magic Scroll featuring the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah

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