Magic Prayer Beads Bracelet made from Various Types of Natural Holy Wood endowed with Mystical Blessings


The magical bracelet has twenty-three prayer beads which are made from several different types of holy wood. Each wooden bead is approximately 7 mm in diameter. The sacred wood is obtained from holy trees on the slopes of Mount Lawu in Central Java, Indonesia. Mount Lawu is considered a sacred site, for it is said that the Javanese rulers of olden times used to perform their spiritual practice in the forests and caves in the area. This ancient mystical tradition is still preserved today by Mbah Wiryo Rejo, a local dukun who resides in a hermitage on the slopes of Mount Lawu.

Holy wooden prayer beads bracelet

Mbah Wiryo Rejo’s hermitage is located near Candi Cetho, an ancient Javanese-Hindu temple from the fifteenth century, which is still in use today. Though the holy wooden prayer beads already possess inherent qualities of magic, yet the dukun also performed a ritual empowerment at Candi Cetho to infuse the magic bracelet with additional blessings. Since the hand carved wooden beads are individually blessed by the hands of a true master, the magic bracelet therefore can be considered an extremely powerful Indonesian amulet. It is especially recommended to use the bracelet for the purpose of ritual worship (chanting prayers, reciting holy texts, meditation, etc.). However, it is also possible to wear the magic bracelet as a means of protection against danger, as well as an amulet for good health.

Holy wooden bracelet from Indonesia

The following types of holy wood are used: nagasari (intellectual knowledge, spiritual wisdom, authority and leadership), gaharu (mental peace, physical health, wealth, meditation), dewadaru (nobleness, success, social status), salastri (love, loyalty, compassion), white Brahma wood (to prevent sickness, to maintain good health, alternative medicine against high blood pressure), tawa (antidote for food poisoning and effective treatment of venomous animal’s bite or sting), lontrok (anti-black magic, physical and mental protection), songgo wojo (strength, vigor, perseverance), sandalwood (neutralizing mystical energies, harmony), and mahogany (business success, commercial sales increase, charisma).

Magic Prayer Beads Bracelet made from Various Types of Natural Holy Wood

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